Throwing on tennis skirt leggings before you start a match offers many benefits. Not only are the Denise Cronwall line of women’s tennis pants exactly what you need to stay protected from the elements, but they also have unique features and can be worn in many different settings. From the court to hiking trails, or even to the gym for a quick workout, tennis skirt leggings are so much more than they seem.

We’ve spent time perfecting our selection so you can find the pair of tennis skirt leggings that work best for you. Whether you’re searching for full-length, cropped leggings, or something in between, Denise Cronwall has a number of patterns, colors, and features to choose from. There are a lot of reasons to love our women’s tennis pants, but here are some of the highlights:

UV Protection

Over the last couple of decades, there has been a lot of research about just how damaging UV rays from the sun can be. While many people are focused on sunscreen for their face and arms, the legs are often an afterthought. Skin, no matter where it is on your body, is susceptible to damage from the sun, so choosing to protect it is never the wrong decision. With our line of UV tennis skirt leggings, you can trust that you’re well-guarded from the sun’s damaging rays and only worry about hitting the ball with the sweet spot of your racket.

Weather Defense

Tennis gets a bad reputation for being a polished sport, but tennis players are as tough as any other athletes, and often find themselves on the court in inclement weather conditions. Whether it’s bad wind or a bit of rain between sets, leggings can help keep your legs warm, protect your muscles from cooling down too quickly, and keep you ready for the next match.


Every female tennis player has dealt with the extra ball falling out the spandex on their tennis skirt, but our classic tennis skirt leggings have inverted pockets to keep the ball in place no matter how many times you run up to the net. The Denise Cronwall women’s tennis leggings were the first to include this innovative design feature because we take a problem-solving design approach.

Thoughtful Design

Made in Miami, USA, every pair of tennis skirt leggings we sell is of the highest quality possible. We have a ton of different styles, cuts, and colors to share, so be sure to find the one that fits YOU. We even offer jogger-style pants that can be worn under skirts; they’re loose enough to be comfortable but tight enough to be sleek underneath your skirt. Don’t be fooled, none of our leggings have to go with skirts, instead, you can wear them all on their own if that’s more your style.

Shop Online Now

To help you find the perfect pair of women’s tennis pants, we’ve built an easy-to-use online interface. You can filter through cut, style, color, and size with our online shopping tool. Then, with just a few clicks, your new favorite clothing item will show up at your door.

February 21, 2023

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