Women's Pickleball Clothing

Pickleball is currently the fastest-growing sport in the United States. Men and women alike are flocking to it for its accessibility, longevity, and fun! If you’ve never heard of pickleball, think of it as a mini tennis game. It’s played on a team of 2 and is great for sports enthusiasts (or not so sporty people) of all ages. You can learn it quickly and all you really need is a racket and a ball.

However, part of the fun in starting a new sport is finding the right outfits to go along with it. Pickleball outfits can be as simple or extravagant as you want them to be, just like the sport itself! When you’re searching for women’s pickleball clothes, you’ll want to focus on comfort, style, and quality. Get pickleball outfits that you’ll wear often, feel great in, and can depend on to last. Here’s how to spot some of the best women’s pickleball clothes:


Stretchy, breathable fabric is a must. You don’t want clothing that’s going to feel stiff, sweaty, or itchy. When material is used in manufacturing that isn’t designed for comfort, you’ll spend more of your time on the court readjusting your clothes than actually playing the game. At Denise Cronwall, our team is made up of pickleball, tennis, and golf enthusiasts, so comfort is the foundation of every item of clothing we produce. Pickleball clothing, women’s especially, can fall into the trap of opting for looks over comfort, but we’ve found the perfect middle ground between the two. 


Although comfort is the backbone of everything we create, style can’t be tossed aside. Pickleball outfits can be comfortable and still look incredible. With our wide selection of prints and cuts, it’s easy to find pickleball outfits that make you feel like you’re walking the runway every time you pick up a racket. And hey, maybe if your pickleball outfits look good enough, your opponents will be distracted the entire time, focusing on figuring out what brand you’re wearing instead of hitting the ball. It’s a win-win!


In athleisure fashion, and fashion in general, we are seeing a number of brands opt for cheap materials and poorly paid manufacturers, but that’s the opposite of how we do things. We pride ourselves on designing and producing every item in Miami. This approach allows us to monitor quality and ensure that source materials are always top-notch. Sure, you’ll be able to find cheaper women’s pickleball clothes, but you won’t find quality pieces at a better price point than ours.

The Court Awaits

Starting a new sport can be intimidating, but if you jump into pickleball now, you’ll be one of 4.8 million players in the US that started within the last year! It’s the perfect time to take on a new challenge, and you’ll feel even more ready if you have the right pickleball clothing. Women’s pickleball is on the rise – jump on the court now!

February 28, 2023

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