Tennis has always been a fashion-forward sport; many country clubs feature strict dress codes, and the best of the best players are constantly sporting new, trendy tennis skirts and dresses. There are many different prints, styles, cuts, and colors, ensuring that tennis players have the confidence and comfort to perform well when it’s their time to shine.


The tennis style is infectious; if Venus and Serena Williams can look like that while playing an elite sport, why can’t everyone look like that in the day-to-day? Women and girls all over the world have begun to adopt pairing a fashionable tennis skirt with a cute top and fun jewelry to connect with the gameplay confidence no matter where they are.


Understanding the Rise in Popularity
White tennis skirts have been around forever, and in the last few decades, we have seen designers get bolder with their designs, country clubs get a bit more relaxed with their dress codes, and colorful, even funky, designs have become just as prominent as the classic white tennis dress. Here are the major reasons women all over the world have begun sporting designer tennis clothes to run errands, go to work, and hand out with their friends:


The moisture-wicking material that most designer tennis dresses are made from will keep you feeling fresh and dry, no matter what activity you’re doing. Going to the grocery store, cleaning the house, and sitting at lunch in the sun can all end up being a bit more sweaty than anticipated. With a colorful or white tennis dress, you won’t have to wait hours to feel dry and ready to take on the rest of your day. Now if you were wearing jeans and a top, it would be a different story.


White tennis dresses look great with everything, and boutique tennis apparel can be dressed up or down as you see fit. You can pair your fashionable tennis skirt with a tank top or a sweater for a different look on a different day, making it a closet staple. There’s a reason the public has adopted tennis fashion and that’s because it looks good in every situation.


There aren’t many outfits that can take you from working out to running errands and seeing the people you love, but a white tennis dress sure can. Boutique tennis apparel is ready to go wherever you do, making it stand out from other staple pieces in your closet.


Get Yours Today
Once you start wearing designer tennis clothes, you’ll never look back. They are designed with fashion and movement in mind, and that’s exactly what any stylish person is looking for. At Denise Cronwall, our designs are made with the best fabrics and materials, so you know that the quality you’re buying matches up with your expectations every time. In tennis skirts, people look good and feel good, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the bandwagon.
October 04, 2022

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