When you step foot on the court, the only thing that should be on your mind is the game ahead. Unfortunately, for many tennis players, when they walk out, they are often caught wearing a nearly identical outfit to their opponent, making it more difficult to establish their own brand and identity on the court. In an ideal world, tennis apparel for women should be a way to display their style while staying active, and that’s exactly what boutique brands can offer.
Large brands such as Nike and Adidas have long been the go-to when it comes to sports apparel.  However, in recent years, the tennis pros are opting for smaller brands that can offer unique styles to each athlete. As a boutique tennis apparel brand, the team at Denise Cronwall understands the importance of wanting to stand out from the crowd with exclusive outfits that makes you feel special.


Stars Making the Switch

Both male and female tennis stars have begun opting for smaller, boutique brands to partner with. Ajla Tomljanovic, who was once sponsored by K-Swiss, recently showed up to a tournament wearing Penguin gear, which was a new venture for the brand. Leylah Annie Fernandez and Daria Gavrilova have both transitioned to Lululemon, a luxury sportswear brand from Canada. The list goes on, but one thing is clear: athletes all over the globe and across many different sports are choosing to work with boutique labels instead of finding tennis skirt outfits from larger, well-known brands.


Benefits of Boutique
So, what’s causing all of these athletes to trade in household names for smaller, more personal partnerships? There are many reasons that intimate partnerships offer, and every athlete is different, but some of the major drivers are:


Sense of Style
Especially with highly individual sports, such as tennis and golf, it’s important to make yourself known on the court. Clothes have always been a form of expression, and sponsored tennis outfits are no different. When you step on the court, you should feel bold, confident, and untouchable. Nothing will make that come crashing down faster than looking exactly the same as everyone else.


Compensation & Contracts
Many tennis and golf fans have no idea about how sponsorships and partnerships work for athletes that wear a certain brand. Often, large brands like Nike will include performance clauses in their contracts. For instance, if there’s a large tournament, like the US Open, Nike could demand that an athlete achieves a certain standard, or their pay could be decreased. These types of clauses are less likely when working with smaller brands, and this is often a major reason athletes change course.


Supporting Charitable Causes
Boutique brands offer athletes more autonomy and flexibility, and recently, this has been showcased through a charitable lens. When athletes partner with small fashion brands, the brand and the athlete can work together to make a difference. With massive brands, this type of good only happens with the best of the best athletes, and even then, it’s rare.


Sustainability Factors
As consumers have begun to take note of the products they buy and the clothes they wear, athletes are in the same boat. With boutique sponsorships, the athletes can take part in a transparent process to ensure that they are aligned with the values of the brand they sport. Tennis apparel for women or skorts for golf shouldn’t negatively impact the planet.


The Boutique Brand of 2022: Denise Cronwall
Over the years, we have worked with many different athletes, tailoring our women’s golf skirts and tennis apparel for women to their specific needs, and we have loved every second. It’s time to say “goodbye” to carbon-copy outfits and mass-produced products and say “hello” to intricate designs that are created just for you. Visit denisecronwall.com
September 28, 2022

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