Tennis players are known for being fashion tycoons; there are numerous points throughout history where tennis fashion has influenced streetwear and vice versa. It used to be well-known that many big-name tennis players were partnering with brands like Nike and Adidas to “serve looks” on the court, but in recent years, a change is happening.

There are renowned tennis players that are starting to work with smaller designers, while others have broken barriers and started their very own line of designer tennis clothes. Both male and female players are subject to high standards when it comes to their court fashion, and in the years to come, spectators and players alike will see new designs and designers enter the arena when it comes to tennis fashion.

Smaller Brands Making a Big Splash

The boutique brand from France, Decathlon, is just one of many brands that have successfully partnered with tennis stars, prompting them to end sometimes decades-long partnerships with household brands in the sport. Gael Monfils left his partnership with Asics and Wilson, opting to work with the brand from his home country which enabled him to have an impact on the design of his own designer tennis clothes, as well as the brand more broadly.

Brands like Penguin and Athleta are also obtaining an ever-growing list of professional tennis players as their clients. While Nike, Asics, and Adidas used to be responsible for the new looks that came to the sport, boutique brands are securing larger levels of influence year-over-year. Not only do smaller brands allow players to have more of a say in what they wear, but these brands can cater to specific requirements regarding sustainability, quality, and more.

Stars Going It on Their Own

Venus Williams has had an undeniable impact on tennis as a whole, with her reach expanding to designer tennis clothes as well. Venus’s brand, EleVen, was started in 2007 and caters to players mostly within the US. Tonic Tennis is a brand that was developed by player Martina Hingis in partnership with the clothing brand, Tonic. These are just two examples, but the desire players have to control their own clothing designs more closely is clear.

Denise Cronwall: Where Designer Meets Comfort

As a boutique athletic brand, Denise Cronwall has served clients ranging from professional athletes to new players. We seamlessly combine the style elements that are loved in the sport with the comfort and functionality that playing it demands. As the sport shifts more toward small brands, it’s refreshing to see players and fans get behind this movement.

Of course, large brands will always be remembered for the impact they had on the game and fashion, but it’s time for something new. The players know it too, and that’s why many are leaving their major sponsorships to either start their own brands of designer tennis clothes or find a boutique brand that they can partner with. It’s with small brands, like Denise Cronwall, that quality, craftsmanship, and design parameters are the focal point, and that’s why there’s a massive shift happening in tennis fashion.

January 06, 2023

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