Since golf isn’t a major spectator sport, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to understand the nuances of the game like what “FOUR!” means or why all the women seem to be wearing skorts. Although at first glance it might seem like women’s golf skorts are a MUST, in reality, it’s less about rules and more about long-standing etiquette as well as comfort.


Like tennis, golf is considered a “gentleman’s” sport – er, “gentlewoman’s” sport – and with this label, a set of rules or heavily suggested behaviors are often included. For golf, one of those rules is that spectators and opponents are quiet when someone is taking a swing; unlike football where being loud is encouraged, golf is a game centered around focus and precision, not team spirit. Many courses will have dress codes that they ask players to follow, but even without dress codes, looking like you fit the part when you step on the green is a best practice.

Women’s Golf Skorts and Other Apparel

For women, long skorts, classy tops, and complementary visors are often the go-to. This combination of clothing items allows for the right amount of movement and respect from your opponents. Comfort and functionality are critical when it comes to athletic attire, and golf is no different. The sport requires twisting, powerful swings, and lots of walking, often in hot temperatures.

To meet the moment, our women’s golf skorts and other apparel at Denise Cronwall are all made with moisture-wicking fabric that is soft, stretchy, and exactly what you want to move in. We make every item in our store in the USA to ensure quality and we expand our selection regularly. Even our skorts come in multiple lengths, with our long skorts coming in as one of our top sellers. Since dress codes in golf revolve around classic looks, investing in a skort that’s long enough to be considered a bit modest is the best place to start.

Finding Your Fit

One-Size-Fits-All is a myth, which is why we are committed to offering a range of styles, sizes, and cuts. With a selection as large as ours (and as GOOD as ours), you’ll be able to invest in multiple pieces that feel like they were made just for you. A ruffle skirt? We’ve got it. Unique patterns? No problem. Classic cuts and solid colors? Of course.

We use a mix-and-match methodology so that our customers can buy a few investment pieces and have access to multiple outfits. Equipped with a fit for every mood, you’ll be able to take on every challenge that comes your way – and you’ll look fabulous while you do it, too.

To start building your collection of women’s golf skorts and other golf apparel, simply head to our website to browse our selection of long skorts, golf blouses, and dresses if that’s more your style. We have products for other sports, too, if golf isn’t where you want to focus your energy. We aim to make athletic endeavors more welcoming, comfortable, and stylish, one article of clothing at a time.

January 13, 2023

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