Choosing the right tennis skort for your game-play needs is made easy with Denise Cronwall’s line of functional, stylish tennis skorts that are flattering and designed to keep you dry and focused on the court. But what about off the court? Those days when you have to run errands after your match, only to have a lunch meetup with a group of friends, meetings in the afternoon, and a dinner at night. Everyone has days where they can’t seem to spare an extra second, but no matter how hectic your agenda is, our women's skorts cans carry you through all the activities you have on your plate.

Not only can you count on Denise Cronwall’s tennis skorts to achieve the high-performance requirements you have on the court, but you can also count on them to achieve the style and comfort requirements you have off the court. Our line has mix and match sets that can go together or be styled with other items from your closet. If you’re on the move, here are a few tips to help you style a skort for multiple settings:

Graphic Tees are In

For those post-tennis lunches or errands, where you’re not trying to look too fancy, pair your skort with a cute graphic tee; tuck it in or go for a cropped look, but either way, you’ll be making a statement without too much effort. You can pair your skort and graphic tee with chunky tennis shoes to round out a look that says, “I can do it all.”

Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize

You’d be shocked to find out how much a cute scarf or some statement jewelry can change an outfit. If you like pairing our women’s tennis skorts with mix and match tops, keep both of those items on, find a complementary neck scarf, throw that on, grab a matching bag, and be on your merry way. This will keep you dressed up enough for most meetings and activities with other people, while still keeping you comfortable enough to run errands or get some work done.

Your Hair Can Give You Away

Even if you have the sweatiest morning tennis match of your life, our line of tennis clothing is going to wick the moisture away, keeping you sweat-free and smelling great for hours! We know your clothing won’t give away your secret, but don’t neglect your hair or it might blow your cover! If you don’t want people to think you’re coming from a workout, be sure to keep some dry shampoo with you or throw your hair in a cute, loose bun to give a polished look.

Dress it Up in the Evening

Your day is wrapping up; there’s only one dinner outing standing between you, a shower, and a book in bed, don’t lose steam here! If you throw on a cover up with some flats or loafers, your women’s skort will give the classy casual look that’s perfect to grab dinner at any restaurant. It’s casual enough for a low-key night with friends but also dressy enough to impress colleagues if necessary.

Confidence is Key

No matter what you’re wearing, hold your head high, smile, and be the radiant person you are! Every outfit looks better when the person in it looks confident, and Denise Cronwall aims to make confidence a breeze! Our skorts can take you from the court to your dinner reservation, and every stop in between. With just a few extra styling items in your car, you can style the tennis skort in whatever way makes you feel your best.
April 14, 2022

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