Tennis is one of the few sports that people of all ages can play; it’s not one that’s too hard on your body that you have to give it up after a certain age. Even the best athletes in sports like football and baseball have to give the sport up as they get older. Perhaps it’s due to injuries that they received or simply that their body stopped being able to handle the demand, but tennis is a different story.

We see kids grow to love tennis, play it through their teen years, join adult leagues, and continue playing well into their senior years. Here at Denise Cronwall, we believe that if the sport can last well into your later years, the tennis outfits you wear should be flattering and functional no matter how long you keep playing. Our garments are meant to last and our wide selection of tennis skorts can flatter any body type, ensuring the only thing on your mind is the love you have for the game.

Stay Social; Play Tennis

With age, the list of activities our bodies enjoy can often shrink, making it more difficult to find time and motivation to go out and do things with the people we care about. Tennis is a great way to stay active and social; take it at your own pace and have fun with it. When you’re finished on the court, use the outing as an opportunity to grab lunch with your friends at a nearby café.

We designed our tennis skorts to be versatile enough to wear on and off the court, so you don’t even have to worry about going home to change before lunch. We have skorts of varying lengths so you can select one that suits your needs best – one that you feel comfortable and confident in. Pair it with one of our cover-ups or pullovers for a sleek, finished look that makes it seem like you didn’t even break a sweat!

Quality to Last

Inspired by tennis’s ability to age like fine wine for everyone who falls in love with the sport, we designed our line of tennis apparel to last. We only use the highest quality fabrics that are stylish and functional because chasing down a wicked serve shouldn’t be overshadowed by a tennis dress that’s falling apart or holding on to moisture. While our products will probably make you want to buy one of everything, you definitely won’t need to. You can count on everything from our tennis skorts to our women’s shorts and jackets to last, doing exactly what you need them to.

Focus on the Game; We’ll Worry About the Rest

Tennis is yours. It has been with you through every stage in life and has never given up on you. No matter how often you got the chance to play it, how powerful your serve is, or how quickly you can get up to the net, tennis is tennis. It’s notorious for being a sport that lasts, and our tennis apparel is going to be with you every time you step onto the court.

April 25, 2022

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