In 2012, Italian tennis player, Camila Giorgi, had her best Wimbledon performance, making it to the fourth round, shocking viewers and capturing attention. Her gameplay style, it seemed, perfectly matched her on-court look. Her elegant, thoughtful style on the court was represented through the lace dresses, feminine patterns, and collective approach. Camila Giorgi looked good and played well in that tournament, becoming somewhat of a tennis fashionista from that point on.

The story Camila Giorgi told about her outfits was that her mother was a fashion designer who custom-created everything Camila wore, putting new standards on the tennis industry regarding athletic wear for women. However, there are two sides to every story, and this one is no different.

The white lace dress that made headlines around the world? It was actually a Denise Cronwall tennis dress. In photographs of Camila Giorgi in that dress, a small strip of floral fabric can be seen on the back, right under her shoulder blades, covering the Denise Cronwall logo. She had asked for matching fabric to wear in her hair, and instead, covered up the small section of embroidery, passing the design off as her mother’s.

Fans Seek Similar Styles

It’s common for young athletes to look up to professionals in their sport of choice, and because of Camila Giorgi’s court presence and sense of fashion, many young women and girls in tennis looked up to her. However, if they ever wanted to purchase her mother’s tennis line these garments were pricey and difficult to get, leaving fans stuck searching for similar patterns. They could have found the same style from Denise Cronwall because that’s where Camila Giorgi originally found her tennis style.

Denise Cronwall Designs

Crafted with the highest-quality fabric in Miami, USA, Denise Cronwall tennis outfits embody the confidence, fashion, elegance, and fun that women of all ages hope to exude on the court. Stepping into one of the moisture-wicking, high-performance tennis dresses from Denise Cronwall will have every tennis player feeling unique and feminine.

Camila Giorgi Fashion Without the Same Price Tag

It’s normal for athletes to take large sponsorships from brands like Nike and Adidas, but Camila chose to sporting unique, fashionable, and feminine apparel that many girls and women in the tennis world wanted to imitate. Though ordering a custom piece from Camila Giorgi’s mother might be out of the realm of possibility, getting your hands on a unique Denise Cronwall design is as easy as can be.

Denise Cronwall didn’t get the credit for these world-famous garments but seeks to let every tennis player out there know that you don’t have to compromise your personal style for performance. Our selection of unique colors, patterns, cuts, and textures is waiting for you, just a few clicks away!

May 20, 2022

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