As spring sprints towards us and with summer right around the corner, there is no better season to hit the tennis court. It’s time to shake off the winter rust, catch some rays, and head back to your favorite country club for a match or two. The start of a new season brings a great reason to invest in a staple tennis dress, and since the “no white after Labor Day” rule is almost up, the perfect white tennis dress is waiting for you.

If white tennis dresses aren’t your thing, we have a nice selection of athleisure dresses ranging in color, pattern, and fit. You can stand out on the court with great gameplay, but an iconic outfit definitely doesn’t hurt.

Spring Athleisure Dresses

The weather in spring can be tricky; mornings are cold, and afternoons can get surprisingly hot. If you have an outfit that can adapt to the changes throughout the day, you’ll be comfortable and happy no matter what hour it is. With Denise Cronwall athleisure dresses, you can add a stylish sweater or jacket for the chilly mornings and rock the dresses on their own in the afternoon. If you have errands or meetings to attend after your court reservation, it’s easy to add the jacket back to the outfit, throw on a new pair of shoes, and head to your next engagement!

Time for White Tennis Dresses

Many country clubs around the world have a dress code requiring all tennis players, men and women alike, to be dressed in primarily white tennis dresses or clothes while on the court. Whether you’re simply trying to follow rules or doing your best to look the part, you can’t go wrong with a white tennis dress. Luckily, we got tired of boring white athleisure dresses and created tennis dresses that are simple and stylish.

The collection of white tennis dresses on our website features flowy athleisure dresses, fitted tennis dresses, and everything in between. Everything we make is optimized with the best material to give you the flexibility and comfort you’re searching for, on and off the court. The perfect white athleisure dress can take you from the country club, to brunch, all the way to after-dinner drinks, all while offering unmatched feelings of luxury.

Fit Like a Glove

With sizes ranging from XS-XL, you’re sure to find the tennis dress you were meant to have. White dresses and skirts are the perfect staples for the athleisure section of your closet; they can be paired with anything and are perfect for any occasion. Following the country club dress code has never been this fun!

As soon as you step out of your white athleisure dress, you’ll be looking for the next excuse to wear one, so we recommend getting a few. You’ve waited all winter to embrace the warm weather, and this is the perfect way to do just that. Fill up your online cart up and bring the style you want to the sport you love.

May 05, 2022

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