Tennis is a beautiful, lifelong sport; it can be picked up at any age and is filled with technique, grace, and quite a bit of style. Whether you’ve been playing the sport since childhood or decided to give it a go with your colleagues, making sure you have the right gear and clothing to play is important. Depending on where you play, there could be dress codes to pay attention to, but the main thing to focus on is the right combination of functionality, comfort, and fashion. When you’re choosing which bottoms to wear while on the court, there’s a lot to think about; our tips will help you avoid any wardrobe malfunctions, allowing you to focus on what’s most important – the match.

Focus on the Fit
Probably the most aspect of your tennis bottoms is how they will fit you. When possible, we recommend trying the bottoms on when you can to ensure they are comfortable enough to allow for all types of movement, while still being snug enough that they won’t be sliding down while you play. As with any athletic clothing, good-fitting items will make a difference in how you play. You don’t want to be focused on readjusting your bottoms, pulling down the lining of skirts or shorts, or yanking your pants up in between points.

Garment Options
Most tennis players look for tennis skirts or shorts, though some prefer to play in pants instead. With skirts, many of them have built-in shorts underneath, though some don’t, so be sure to double-check that before purchasing. If there aren’t built-in shorts under the skirt, you can find shorts or spandex meant for tennis that will fit nicely under most skirts. No matter which type of garment you prefer, we recommend making sure that you’ll have somewhere to put a couple extra tennis balls. Most players tuck them into the shorts or skirt or toss them in a pock if they are wearing pants.

Fabric Matters
For best gameplay, you’ll probably want to find bottoms that have moisture-wicking fabrics meant for sports. Most athletic clothes are made with performance fabrics, but if you’re purchasing from somewhere that doesn’t specialize in athletic clothing, you may find that the materials used in their garments will trap sweat and not allow your skin to breathe during the match.

Tennis is a Style-Forward Sport
Often called a “gentleman’s sport,” tennis, like golf, champions style in the game and on the court. As mentioned, some country clubs will have dress codes that players have to follow, but even without dress codes, looking sharp on the court will make your gameplay sharp. It’s not uncommon to see matching tops and bottoms on a tennis court with high-quality pieces that are comfortable and fashionable.

Buy the Bottoms, Then Hit the Court
No matter what you’re wearing, the most important thing is getting out to play and refine your skills. A functional tennis skirt outfit can help you look and feel your best. Whether you’ve been playing for 30 years or 3 weeks, we’re here to help you find the best women's skorts for your time on the court. Denise Cronwall Activewear focuses on providing boutique tennis apparel with high-quality fabrics, amazing fits, and stylish designs, so nothing gets in the way of your backhand.
March 29, 2022

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