Today, people all over the world are inundated with advertisements for activewear. Even those who aren’t big sports lovers find themselves rocking leggings to the grocery store or wearing designer tennis skirts to up-level the prep school style they are aiming to achieve. While we see activewear all around us, can finding fashionable athletic apparel really help people live an active lifestyle?

For tennis players, the world of fashionable activewear is even more prominent; tennis has always been a sport that featured designer tennis outfits that are meant to look spectacular and be functional on the court. The best part about tennis is that this love of fashion doesn’t stop at elite levels; tennis fashion trickles down to everyone who loves the game and even people who hate the game but love the fashion. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, learning to appreciate the fashionable side of tennis can increase how active your lifestyle is.

Confidence is Key

Looking good on the court and flaunting a designer tennis dress or designer tennis skirt can actually help you play better. It is scientifically proven that how we feel about ourselves directly correlates with performance, and tennis is no different. If someone is running to slam an overhead hit and they feel like a million bucks, chances are, the contact with the ball is going to show it. This feeling of invincibility doesn’t happen based on what someone wears, but what they wear does lead to how they play, so this positive cycle helps reinforce their love for an active lifestyle.

Athletic Newcomers

The best part of tennis is that no one is ever too old to try it. People at any stage in their life can grab a racket and hit the courts, and sometimes, wearing an outfit that shows they “belong” on those courts can be the motivation needed in order to show up. If you’re trying tennis at a trendy country club but you’re wearing basketball shorts and an oversized t-shirt, you might feel out of place. Replace that outfit with designer tennis wear of your choice and you’ll feel as if you’ve been playing your whole life.

If Motivation Lacks, Look to Fashion

Every athlete, non-athlete, and person in-between has moments where the motivation just doesn’t seem to be present. There are many ways to address motivation when it comes to an active lifestyle, but sometimes someone just needs to be reminded how great it makes them feel.

If you’re in a rut of low motivation and can’t seem to get yourself to hit the court or even take a walk around the block, throw on a Denise Cronwall designer tennis dress, dance around in your mirror, snap a few confidence shots, and remind yourself how good it feels to wear something that brings out your confidence – both on and off the court.

May 30, 2022

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