There’s nothing better than walking outside and looking like a million bucks, right? Wrong – walking outside looking like a million bucks is great, but what if you also felt like a million bucks AND didn’t have to put in much effort? With Denise Cronwall’s collection of long skirts, golf skirts, and other athletic apparel, you can find your stride in fashion without putting hours and hours into each look.

Our designs are created to look and feel luxurious, which isn’t always the easiest combination to come by. Denise Cronwall knows first-hand what it’s like to wear something that looks good on the outside but doesn’t feel good on your body. She also knows the flip side of that coin: sacrificing style for comfort, which can lead to a host of self-confidence challenges. With these struggles in mind, Denise set out to create a line of women’s golf skirts and golf skorts, including long skorts, that brings the best of everything to every woman who puts them on.

Denise Cronwall Design

Designed and made in Miami, all of Denise Cronwall’s golf skirts, tennis skorts, jackets, and dresses were designed with some of the softest, most luxurious fabrics that can also wick away sweat and moisture. After all, there’s nothing luxurious about wearing a golf skirt that holds onto all the sweat after a midday round.

Our cuts and designs are meant to flatter every body type, giving comfort that lasts and looks that serve. We know that some women prefer a more modest look while they’re playing a round of golf, which is why we design longer skorts and skirts to fit everyone’s fashion needs. Our garments are made to flatter the female body and draw attention with fun, feminine designs. Feel free to mix and match different golf skirts and shirts to create a unique look that no one can rock like you.

Style That Lasts

The word “effortless” isn’t one we take lightly. When we think “effortless style” we don’t mean just for a few hours while on the course or court, we mean for the entire day. Our garments are meant to go with you from your tee time to your clubhouse lunch, to your midafternoon errands, and all the way to dinner. You’ll be comfortable, fashionable, and effortless your entire day, which is truly what will make you feel like a million bucks. You can become a fashion icon on and off the course in one of your favorite golf skorts.

Don’t Overthink It

Styling the skorts for golf after your round ends might seem daunting, but it’s truly so simple. The longer skorts can be paired with a simple jacket, cute pair of shoes, and a fun piece of jewelry to make them look as if they belong in every setting. The style that you show to the world should embody who you are; have fun with it, don’t overthink it, and give our classic designs a try. We promise that feeling like a million bucks doesn’t have to cost a million bucks.

June 03, 2022

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