Mommy & Me Collection

Mommy & Me

Alongside a growing repertoire of collections, two little girls have also been growing up. Sienna and Luna, my two daughters, are now at a wonderful age where they are enjoying tennis, golf and many other sports which is a joy for me to see. I also love to observe how their personal preferences emerge. As I have been relishing their unique takes on style, they have inspired me to create a collection reflecting them and the connection we have. 

This special Mommy & Me collection is a dedication to all girls that, like Sienna and Luna, are growing up so quickly and finding their own passions and styles. It's also in its unique way a tribute to the loving mothers, aunts and also grandma, that through admiring eyes are seeing their girls grow-up as individuals but yet in their footsteps. 

This collection is a symbolic thread of style that connects us to our young girls in a way that is individual yet unifying. It's not identical or necessarily "matchy matchy" but it's a symbol of a special bond.

It's a proposal to find your style and give your young a piece of that same we do in life. 

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