Traveling is SUCH a fun part of life. Exploring new places, trying new foods, and meeting amazing people from around the world are some of the best parts. Unfortunately, it can be a costly endeavor. Flight prices seem to go up by the second and suddenly airlines have figured out that they can charge for every little thing: seats, checked bags, and even carry-on luggage! No matter where you’re off to, learning to pack light will serve you well.

If you can avoid those checked bag fees or get away with just bringing a carry-on, you can add more travel destinations to your list. Though, packing light means mastering the art of doing just that. One of our favorite packing hacks is a tennis dress. These versatile pieces of clothing offer many benefits, so no matter where your vacation is, here are 3 reasons you need to have a tennis dress in your bag:

Doubles as Athleisure and Casual Attire

We know that it can be difficult to gauge the exact number of clothing items you’ll need or anticipate exactly what you’ll be doing before you leave. No matter what your vacation looks like, you can grab your tennis dress day after day. Use it to go to a quick workout class, hit the tennis courts, or grab lunch at a café that was top-rated on TripAdvisor. It can be used in daytime settings without much effort, and it packs down so small it won’t take up much room in your suitcase.

Can Be Dressed Up if Needed

Ready for a night on the town but not sure you want to put up with a tight, uncomfortable dress and matching heels? Your tennis dress can be paired with a cute sweater or some chunky sandals to make the perfect dinner outfit for later in the evening. Be sure to use accessories like earrings or a headband and you’ll be set! 

Comfortable Option for Excursions

Doing a hike in the mountains or learning new information about a city on a walking tour are great ways to spend your time traveling, but they can be unexpectedly active. For hot days when you’re getting lots of steps, a tennis dress from Denise Cronwall will keep you dry, comfortable, and ready for anything. Thinking of trying a new cooking class? You can do that in a tennis dress too.

Ultimate Packing Hack: Your Tennis Dress 

Trust us when we tell you that your tennis dress will be your favorite travel companion; you might even love it more than you love whoever you’re going with! It’s a piece of clothing that’s always up for anything, keeps you comfortable in any setting, and is versatile enough to be worn again and again and again! Wherever you’re headed this year or next, our tennis dress selection is ready to be packed in your suitcase or carry-on, depending on how high those pesky baggage fees are.

November 30, 2022

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