When it comes to getting active, nothing should stand in your way. No matter how you like to move your body, Denise Cronwall’s collection of tennis skirt outfits and other activewear will ensure that all you have to think about is the game or activity ahead of you. 

Whether it’s tennis, pickleball, golf, paddle tennis, or another physical activity, our athletic clothes are all made in Miami with the highest quality fabrics and manufacturing. We are committed to making clothes that are easy to love and easy to play in – give them a try to see for yourself!


With tennis skirt outfits that make movement easy, you’ll truly be ready for anything. All our tennis skorts come in 3 different lengths and have multiple color offerings. You can rock a unique print pattern in the cut you love or keep it simpler with a solid color. 


Smaller courts and paddles are required in pickleball, but don’t let those fool you; the sport demands quick movement and strategic gameplay. In fact, because of these factors, pickleball can feel even faster than tennis at times. Play your best, look your best, and feel your best.


Just like our tennis skirt outfits, our collection has many golf skorts and skirts for you to choose from. The best part is that many of them are interchangeable so you can play two sports with one skort. Our golf skorts will wick away any sweat or moisture so you can play on even the hottest days of the year.

Paddle Tennis

Tennis skirt outfits also work for paddle tennis; we especially love the Notebook Mid Flounce Wrap Skort for this sport.

Everyday Fitness

Our golf & tennis skirt outfits aren’t just for tennis, golf, pickleball and paddle tennis; they can be used for any fitness activity. If you prefer to go on long walks, enjoy yoga, or even take a run along the beach, you can transition to any activity in our skorts.
November 11, 2022

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